Name: Tobias Lunn
Nick Name: Toblunn
Date of Birth: 23-12-2004
Nationality: Norwegian
Team: Pro Rider –
Favorite Trick: fs 360

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Meet Tobias Lunn, also nicknamed “Toblunn”. He’s an 18-year-old pro rider of the Snowboard Team. Originally from Kongsberg, Norway, Tobias got hooked on snowboarding when he was just a year old, unsurprisingly with considering his dad’s Olympic legacy.

But here’s the thing: Tobias didn’t fully dive into snowboarding until he hit 13 – since at the time locally there wasn´t really much of a snowboarding scene going on, he had to travel a solid 1.5 hours in Oslo´s direction to get his shred on.

Fast forward to when he was 15, he landed a spot at the Norwegian School of Elite Sport. With his bags packed, he moved a whopping 3 hours away from home, all to chase his snowboarding dreams. Talking about commitment!

A quick summary of his achievements includes snagging a couple of wins at the Norwegian Cup, hanging out with the big dogs at the X-Games qualifiers, and even repping Norway at some major events. Later at 17, he even joined the Norwegian junior national team. Pretty darn impressive, if you ask us.

Toblunn´s Stats & Highlights


Name: Tobias Lunn
Nick Name(s): Toblunn
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23-12-2004, age 18 years
Nationality: Norwegian
Born in: Kongsberg, Norway
Residence: Kongsberg, Norway
FIS Number: 9420177
Team Member since: May 2023
Debut: 5 years old
Career start: First time snowboarding: 1 year old


Stance: Regular
Shoe size: 42
Disciplines/ Events: Big Air, Slope Style
Board Model: Bataleon Goliath Plus
Boot Model: Rome Libertine
Outerwear: Bataleon and Rome
Height: 170cm


FIS Points: 23


January 18th, 2022

Position: 6th
FIS Points: 29.50

Slopestyle – Livigno, Italia

March 25th, 2022

Position: 13th
FIS Points: 22.50

Slopestyle – Vuokatti, Finland
European Youth Olympic Festival

March 23th, 2022

Position: 14th
FIS Points: 23.30

Big Air – Vuokatti, Finland
European Youth Olympic Festival

March 10th, 2022

Position: 39th
FIS Points: 21.40

Big Air – Leysin, Switzerland
FIS Junior World Championships

March 13th, 2018

Position: 50th
FIS Points: 16,80

Slopestyle – Leysin, Switzerland
FIS Junior World Championships

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