Name: Narcis Salleras Colls
Nick Name: Siset
Date of Birth: 20-10-2004
Nationality: Spanish (Catalan)
Team: Pro Rider –
Favorite Trick:

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Siset’s snowboarding journey started when he was just 11.
Just kicking back in the peaceful beauty of the Alt Empordà region, Spain, he became hooked on shredding the slopes after hoppping on a snowboard for the first time.

Catalonia was his learning playground, and by the time he hit 13, Siset had already become a key rider of the Catalan snowboard team.

Fast forward to 2021, and Siset made his debut at the EuropaCups, where he definitely left his mark. Later, in 2022, he took things up a notch. He snagged a cool 5th place on ECups and an awesome 6th place on ECups Premium. Boom! That got him into the WJC and EYOF competitions, even catching the eye of the local news.

Today, Siset is still all about shredding and achieving new heights in his snowboarding career, he´s even studying to teach sports himself, to pass the ribbon onto the next generation of riders!

Siset´s Stats & Highlights


Name: Narcis Salleras Colls
Nick Name(s): Siset
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 20-10-2004, age 18 years
Nationality: Spanish (Catalan)
Born in:
Residence: Castelló d’Empúries (Alt Empordà)
FIS Number: 9490238
Team Member since: May 2023
Debut: In 2021 on EuropaCups
Career start: Started at age 11, from 2018 age 13 started with the Catalan team


Stance: Goofy / Regular
Shoe size:
Disciplines/ Events: Big Air, Slope Style
Board Model:
Boot Model:


FIS Points: 106,95
First FIS:
04.11.2018 Madrid Snowzone (ESP), SS rank: 2
First WC:
14.01.2023 Kreischberg (AUT), BA rank: 26


October 6th, 2022

Position: 2nd
FIS Points: 66.20

SnowWorld Landgraaf, Slopestyle, NED

February 29th, 2020

Position: 3th
FIS Points: 30

Arnisal, Big Air, AND

November 4th, 2018

Position: 2nd
FIS Points: 40.00

Madrid Snowzone, Slopestyle, ESP

February 25th, 2018

Position: 5th
FIS Points: 122.60
CUP points: 45

Götschen, Slopestyle, GER

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